Monday, August 2, 2010


This is one thing that makes up three quarter of my life and one quarter of my thoughts.i remember the first day i stepped into a mac d restaurant.,,i was a little reluctant(i thought mac d was only for the ``wannabe and hi fi crowd``,,,but the moment i tasted their mac veggie,,i knew it made its biggest fan..,,,i kept going back for more burgers.,more milk shakes and more french fries...,,,my friends say my name should come with a tag line which read ``i want to go to macdonaldssssss``` coz thats what i was chanting all through my graduation days and they still tease me with it....,,the way the first bite of the mac veggie burger tastes.,,the way the mayonnaise dips from the burger,the crunchy filling in between(aah!!!!heavens)...i always wonder what their secret recipe is...and i was told that these gorgeous things come out of machines...(whattt!!!du uh!))

mac d has seen all my emotions-anger,mischief,frustration,hapiness,failure....when iam not in a chirpy mood,i know where to go to cheer up....i still cant believe i ended up crying in one of the mac d restaurants and the team members came up to me and said dont worry its gonna be ok!!!!bwwahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!shame shame to me:P:P)..........

and how can i not mention my ronald-o darling-0....the red and yellow outfit and the smile and tears as a same expression drew me towards him...cant help but take a pic with him every time i go to mac d....

To all the mac d fans -live to eat,,cheers.:P


  1. looks like somebody has been blogging! :) i think i know the reason why you wrote this.. or is it reasons??

  2. reason?????i dont need a reason to love mac d....du uh!!!!!